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JLA, Vol. 10: Golden Perfect by Joe Kelly

In 2003-2004, George Pérez and Kurt Busiek produced a JLA/Avengers crossover, an idea that had been delayed for 20 years for various reasons. In this limited series, the Justice League and Marvel Comics' superhero team the Avengers were forced to find key artifacts in one another's universe, as well as deal with the threats of villains Krona and the Grandmaster.

JLA vol.11 - McDuffie Dwayne, Lion, Trama libro ...

If nothing else, "JLA Vol. 9" delivers a big bang for the bucks. This final collection of the series writer Grant Morrison relaunched in 1996 includes issues #107-#125-its final 19 issues-as well as "JLA Secret Files 2004," for a total of 20 individual issues.